This kid looks like Taran Noah Smith

When it comes to job interviews, I usually tell on a need to know basis [need to knowers, Phil and the pub landlady]. But I figured I would announce it because I don't think I'm interested in the job.

So yeah, I have an interview this Tuesday for a local council, The job's basically an admin role but it's title is officer ooooOOOOooooh!

I've applying for a few weeks and I've been getting nowhere. I posess a scary amount of drive to be one of life's succeeders, and I panicked. I panicked because I could [again] see the rest of my life being one of life's losers, waiting for death because there's naff all else to do except sit on the sofa and eat.

So, before I could stop myself and thinking rationally about the whole 'gotta get work' thing, I started applying for everything [Except old person's appointed arse wiper, someone on my facebook quit their office job to wipe arses, why...?]

Full time work, part time work, everything, thinking I'll not get anywhere. Then I got an interview... And it's part time. I need to work, I hate not working. I think if I was offered the job, I should take it because I am bored not working.

We've had a few discussions about this job making us worse off because it's part time but if it's worrying him then maybe he should look harder.

Wat do? What happen? Why does say this?


Cabbage soup diet

I'm still on the cabbage soup diet, I know I know you're only supposed to stay on it for a week but you see, I bought this BEAUTIFUL dress a size smaller than I am and I really want to fit into it for Christmas, plus I really enjoy the diet!

So far I've lost 9lbs, I've been unable to get under a certain weight for a couple of years and I'm now under it yay! So after I've done this week I'm going to do a week on week off until Christmas. I really think that doing the diet has set the foundations to eat healthier and the drive to lose the extra weight I've been carrying for four years!!

So the goal is to fit into THE dress on Christmas day and I'm aiming to be about 129lbs by my 25th birthday in March and I really think I can do it. I don't want to be a lollypop, I look my best when I'm slim with curves. I haven't missed take out food or fizzy pop either!

So, to all my friends who told me I'd not lose any weight and pass gas and I'll gain it all back within two days: F*** you!

PS I've been blogging exactly a year!