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13th April 2o11

Blogger no longer lets me post new posts. It deletes them after they have been posted!

I haven't posted in a while because absolutely nothing has happened since the last time I posted.

I turn 25 on the 30th of this month and I've been putting my life into perspective. Apart from meeting all the academic goals one wishes to achieve throughout their life, I have achieved nothing.

It's pretty scary.

I haven't travelled abroad in 8 years and I feel that I haven't been able to reap the rewards of a good education.

For those 8 years I've dreamed about living a life in Japan as a teacher. I'd hardly thought about it during the duration of my marriage, but a few weeks ago I had a very graphic dream that I was a teacher in Shin Juku, Tokyo.

What if I could make it a reality? So I've been doing research into it and I meet all, if not most of the requirements to teach in Japan. I am determined to do this, for the sake of my sanity. I am excited.

Only there is the small matter of having a husband.

I've been gently trying to drop hints about us moving to Japan and he has stated flat out that he would never move to Japan. He doesn't like the fast paced city lifestyle that the Japanese live.

He's all for living like my aunt and uncle, in two different continents seeing each other 4 weeks of the year.

I absolutely do not want to have such a long distance marriage. So I've told him that he has three options.

1] Move with me and have a "happily ever after" life
2] Stay here and not be surprised if I cheat, I have urges and he is effectively denying them.
3] Divorce

Now of course I want him to come with me. I have ways in to persuade him. If all else fails, I'll subtlely place articles around the house about Western girls being murdered in Japan. This should kick in his need to protect his woman.

I've sacrificed my whole life for him so apart from option 1 I don't really care how this pans out. In all fairity it was a pretty dick move for him to move us here without him having a stable job to support us. With us wanting so many different things from life I wonder how this marriage will last, he already behaves twenty years older than I.