People are very tolerant in Devon. The other night at about 12am I decided to put some music on the surround sound and have a bath, the bathroom is right at the back of the house complete with catflaps, you could almost say it's like a modern out house. To listen to music from the bathroom the sound has to be high.

So like I said, it was 12am and there was loud music playing... And... No one knocked on the door to complain of the noise.

Back in Wigan we lived next door to old people, who weren't thrilled on living next door to a young couple for whatever reason. They'd always come round complaining if we had music on or we had friends round. So it was really nice to know that people in Devon do not give a shit on any given day of the week about what their neighbours are doing and don't curtain twitch every time they hear you going out/coming home.

Yes, writing about a bath is the most exciting thing I can come up with. On Saturday we're going to some Chinese New Year Festivities, I can see Phil wanting to stay up really late 'because it's a Friday night' and then we end up sleeping through. I'll take some pictures to show if we get there. Nothing much has happened since I last posted, I'm still jobless and the local news reported 'hundreds more to lose their jobs in Okehampton'.

The job prospects are getting narrower and narrower with each passing month.